Here and now

Here and now

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Appreciating the present moment. With that purpose, which I didn’t know about by then, I travelled to Ibiza last week by the hand of Natura Bissé. My favourite island and those lotions that I already adored when I was a kid. My adventure partners were promising.

We landed at the Atzaró hotel – I really like that interior, typical from Ibiza!- willing to try The Mindful Touch, the unprecedented 360ª beauty ritual by the Catalan brand, which joins virtual reality, mindfulness –the consciousness of paying attention to the present moment- and the expertise of the therapist. Its objective is for you to enjoy in a more direct way of all the physical nuances of the ritual (discover the details of this new experience here).

The connection with my skin was immediate. Shortly after letting myself in the magic hands of Irene, The Mindful Touch succeeded in silencing my mind’s talk to plunge myself into a sensation of relax and loss of the track of time, which I had never experimented before on a stretcher. And then, a miracle happened: I fell asleep for the first time during a beauty treatment!

A few hours later, Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera, a prestigious psychiatrist specialised in Mindfulness, joined us to introduce the matter. “Mindfulness is an infallible tool to connect with your inner self. The mind constantly takes us from past experiences to projections of the future, and we are missing what is really happening here and now”, she told us while we listened to her with excitement and willing to know more.

An express trip to Ibiza, which I’ll never forget, passed among breathing lessons, morning practices of Chi kung – technique which involves mind, breathing and physical exercise- and drawings that talked about the beat of our life.

Many times I prick my conscience: if I only dedicated myself to cultivate my inner self as I do with my exterior, things would be different. And, in the middle of a profession where I’m so exposed, in a constant seek of everyone’s approval in the form of likes and the number of followers, Natura Bissé suddenly appears and says “stop!”, pampering yourself on the inside and the outside is compatible.

Already in Barcelona, on my way to the office, I felt that my mind was more relaxed and my body didn’t suffer my usual contractures. All right then, the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

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Photos: Jaime Boira.

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