Faceless photo

Faceless photo

Andrea Torres 13

“I have an obsession with light and the way it affects things. They say that I am a sensitive person and a warrior in equal parts, although I consider myself rather stubborn, distracted and a lover of black humour”. This is how Andrea Torres, the photographer from Barcelona who paints her photos with brushstrokes, describes herself. “I hide the faces of people in my works so that the spectator can imagine them as they want”.

At the age of eight, Andrea began photographing her parents in the Parc de les Aigües in Barcelona. Today, her work has been exhibited in Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, New York, Berlin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Miami and Mexico. Almost nothing, right!?

Why do you take pictures?

Because I am passionate about capturing my ideas immediately. I really enjoy thinking, imagining and making aesthetic decisions… pressing the release is something secondary.

Your first memory with a camera in your hand?

It’s from school camps. I still have some of those pictures taken with a disposable camera.

What is the link between your photos and fashion?

Clothing plays an essential role in my work. I am hypnotized by the chiaroscuro created with certain fabrics and how the colours of the garments suggest one meaning or another. Now I’m especially interested in volumes. The oneiric, the mysterious… is often generated thanks to an appropriate wardrobe.

Why are wings a repeated resource in your work?

Because they represent freedom, and they are also a gesture to that guardian angel that has accompanied me since I started in this world.

How do you fight the lack of inspiration?

With a lot of tea and doing things that have nothing to do with art. Sometimes the spark appears while having a conversation with friends, watching a movie, reading, touching a piece of clothing…

What personality would you like to have a picture from you at home?

I’ll take three: Duane Michals, Emma Watson and Rosalía. 

Any weaknesses?

Dark chocolate and brand-new notebooks.

What do you dream about?

To continue living by doing what I like and not losing the thrill.

Any tricks for beginners?

That they need to be passionate about their profession, not crave popularity and respect the people in the sector. Plagiarizing, reproducing images without permission… We are partners, not rivals.

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