6 beauty tips (no cosmetics)

6 beauty tips (no cosmetics)

Here’s a woman crazy about masks, serums and creams of all kinds. But my love for cosmetics is compatible with wise beauty tips, which do not require a credit card. Take note and look pretty.

  1. When you get up with swollen eyelids and/or bags, try putting a cold soup spoon (put it in the freezer five minutes before) over each eye. The result? A relaxed and smooth look.
  2. This is a cliché that I’m going to repeat to you (even if I´m the first one that doesn’t comply with it): drink water as if there were no tomorrow! Your skin will thank you.
  3. Please stop believing that avocado and matcha tea are “the ultimate” of a healthy and “instagrammable” diet. Taste comes from variety and balance. Remember that a healthy diet also requires a day off to eat some pizza and Nutella crepe. But if you are willing to lose a couple kilos, the only secret is to keep your mouth shut.
  4. The best healer for your nails is olive oil. Massage them with it one by one before going to bed.  Repeat the ritual twice a week. You’ll see how your nails grow stronger, as well as preventing their breakage (especially useful advice for Shellac addicts).
  5. Never fly with makeup. The dryness of the airplane environment causes lack of oxygen and hydration in the skin, so your tanning powders will only make the situation worse.
  6. Get rid off your mobile two hours before bedtime, at least! It will help you relax and increase the quality of your sleep.

And don’t forget to invest as much time as you can in doing what you like best. There’s no beauty tip more infallible than being happy.

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