The avocado changed my life

The avocado changed my life

Mascarilla Kiehls

I have always been unaware of greens: lettuce, cucumber, sour apples, matcha tea… until Instagram and the obsession for a healthy life made avocado a trend. Now we have avocado toast for breakfast, avocado salad for lunch and baked avocado for dinner. Is there a better offer? Well, Kiehl´s has one!

A couple of weeks ago I ran into my new best friend in Brooklyn, New York. Meet Avocado Nourishing Hydration Mask, the latest star launch of the American brand. Yes! The avocado has managed to come out of your fridge, to revitalize and refresh your skin in a matter of minutes.

A piece of advice: forget about making your own mask at home, because it will never have the same nourishing and moisturising properties as Kiehl´s. The cosmetics firm works conscientiously on the extract of this fruit in the United States. It refines its oil in Italy and Spain to maximise its properties and includes Evening Primrose oil, essential for improving skin quality.

How do you apply it? Take a generous amount of mask and warm it with your fingers. Cover your face with it through upward movements (avoid contact with the eyes), until you create a thin layer on your skin. Leave it on for 15 minutes and rinse with circular massages. Don’t wait for someone else to show you the result!

A small detail: the mask goes for sale in June. It is always worth to wait for good things… (and Kiehl´s knows Latin).

Avocado Mask Kiehls

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