Already in my closet

Already in my closet

Jil Sander 00

When I was fifteen years old, I listened incredulously to a friend say that her mother had already renovated the winter wardrobe. It was August. “Who would try on a wool poncho at 30 degrees?” I said to myself. Well, it turns out that mother was the smartest one in the class.

After several seasons of bumping into the damn “sold out” on my Mac screen, the Jil Sander boots with XL platform (yes, this winter Geri Halliwell’s ghost is back) are now mine. At the age of 35, my modus operandi has changed: now I check the key pieces of each season before summer, I let my “compulsive self” meditate on the stern of the boat, and I begin clicking before starting the course. Lesson learned!

Another of my early (or intelligent) autumn/winter purchases: this 100% wool jacket from the Italian house AVAVAV -don’t be intimidated by the yellow tartan-, an oversize two-piece suit from the Catalan firm Lebor Gabala -the looks that are your size are overrated- and an alpaca and wool cropped sweater from Nanushka -putting a pearl on the zipper is the most-. Forewarned is forearmed: time is already running against you (but there is still hope).

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