No! to the perfect suitcase

No! to the perfect suitcase

Portada No A La Maleta Perfecta 3

That sponge cake you make on Sunday mornings with such determination is not exactly the sponge cake they would put in a pastry shop window to tempt you. And you know it. But your excitement and its delicious taste make it imperfectly perfect. The same thing happens with your favourite hugs, those that are slowly invented, those that are improvised, without planning, without scripts, without any metrics. Perfection is boring so, on the eve of an eagerly awaited holiday, we’ve decided that we don’t want to know how to pack the perfect suitcase! Because, quite simply, we’ll take whatever we want on the road.

We open our closet widely. But underwear or which coat will shelter us from the cold are secondary. It is impossible to leave our favourite Isabel Marant cap. There are accessories that have preferred seating in our luggage. 

A basic that reinvents itself: The Muppet Show x Sandro T-shirt. The “less is more” concept is overrated.  

Plaids are the kings of the season and they will match almost every outfit in your closet. Friend’s advice: get some coloured plaid trousers. We choose these from Philosophy Di Lorenzo Serafini.  

We are convinced that winter was invented to make us fall in love with this oversize cardigan by Alexa Chung. It’s up to you to give it a more romantic look with a floaty dress, or turn it into a male garment with flared ankle pants.

In our suitcase, you will always find a jumpsuit, due to its versatility and because we find it rabidly cool. This long weekend, we take its corduroy version in pink by the brand Staud. Long live the pink girls.

Logic shows you that it’s best to travel with an XL-size shoulder bag, which frees your hands to record many Stories and eat a Nutella crepe while “sightseeing”. But since we’re not making the perfect suitcase, we’re ignoring that little inner voice. Our last crush? It’s been designed by Marques´Almeida

Although cowboy boots and sneakers top our shoe rack, there is also room (and a lot) for these Leandra Medine flounced mules. 

If you can’t leave home without your favourite jewel, we won’t leave our hotel without the Ravioli Earrings from Gaviria. Authentic works of art that you will wear 24 hours a day.

We claim sunglasses also in winter. We are taking the “Heartbreaker” model by Adam Selman x Le Specs for this long weekend. Because we like to make an exhibition of ourselves and we love the retro cat eye trend. 

Who wants to know how to pack the perfect suitcase when you can make it up? This Bimba y Lola circus-inspired handkerchief has stolen our hearts.

We almost forgot our 90s jacket! It is signed by Acne Studios and it is inspired by the personal style of blues and rock legend Johnny Winter. Don’t think about it. Put it on the suitcase!  Or even better, wear it.

When you leave the house and they tell you the already famous quote: “what are you carrying in that huge suitcase? We’ll be gone only for four days”, you can answer with a smile and think that, while all the suitcases are still determined to be “perfect”, yours is genuine for carrying what you want. 

P.S.: By the way, this is just a sneak peek of what’s coming with us. What did you expect? Happy long weekend!

By Mireia Sánchez. 

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