My first baby shopping

My first baby shopping

Pelele Algodon Bio Y Merino Jirafas

As a good new mother, I enter many baby websites with an infinite desire to buy, but then leave with nothing. I don’t know what I’ll get right or what will be useless. 

Every week I burn with texts my WhatsApp group “Mamis Llavaneras” to ask them all sorts of questions: how many bottom sheets for the crib do I need? And first-time outfits? Are teethers and rattles essential?…

Three months from D-day, I have ordered all the furniture for Claudio’s room and I have bought some gadgets on a whim, such as the Playforever 911 cars, and others as necessary as the hairdressing and manicure set from Smallable, the website that brings together over 800 design brands for the family. There I also found a weekly pack of organic cotton bibs from Stella McCartney Kids and a blanket from the same brand of merino cotton. Another of my star purchases? A hippie-style organic cotton romper suit and two “mice” by Maileg, the Danish firm that makes dolls with natural products -linen or cotton- and with a very particular charm. The best thing is that they are furless. I was never a fan of fluffy toys.

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