Legal warning

This Legal Notice regulates the use of the web site  and the domains associated with it.

This document is intended to regulate the RULES OF USE and safeguard the PROTECTION OF USERS of  owned by Coolhunterdiary, with registered office at C/ Vergós 20 (08017 Barcelona). The terms “You” and “User” are used here to refer to all persons and / or entities that for any reason access this website.

Coolhunterdiary  pursues, through  to bring users a powerful tool of information and contact, to show both their activity and related services.



These general conditions regulate the use of the web service  that Coolhunterdiary sl, makes available to users free of charge.

The use of the website  attributes the condition of user and expresses the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the General Conditions in the version published by Coolhunterdiary  at the same time that the user access the page. Consequently, and given that these conditions may vary, the user must carefully read these conditions, each time he or she intends to use said page.

It may be the case that the use of certain services offered to users through the website, is subject to particular conditions that, depending on the case, replace, complete and / or modify these general conditions.

The use of some services, will be subject to notices, regulations of use and instructions made known to the user by Coolhunterdiary , which complete the provisions of these General Conditions, therefore, the user must also read carefully and know before making use of it, the corresponding Particular Conditions of said service.



Through  Coolhunterdiary , provides users access and use of various services and content made available to users Coolhunterdiary  or by third parties, as service providers and content providers.

Coolhunterdiary , reserves the right to unilaterally modify, at any time and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the page, as well as the services and conditions required to use the website in its different sections.



3.1. Free access and use of the Website

The provision of the web service by Coolhunterdiary  is free for users and does not require prior subscription or registration of the user in what we will call public area, that is, one that does not require special passwords for its use.


3.2 User Registration

Coolhunterdiary , reserve some of the services offered through the website to registered users, by filling in the registration of users of the website, this subscription is absolutely free and registration will be made through the forms provided under the transparency principle, explicit and verifiable consent, the user will receive a name and a password that he undertakes to keep with the utmost confidentiality, in accordance with the provisions of clauses 3.2.1. and 3.2.2 of these General Conditions.


3.2.1 Assignment of Access Codes

The user will choose and indicate their own Access Codes. The User may not choose as a Username words, expressions or graphic-denominative sets that are malignant, abusive, coinciding with trademarks, commercial names, shop signs, social denominations, advertising expressions, names and pseudonyms of publicly relevant or famous personalities for which Use is not authorized and, in general, contrary to the law or to the requirements of morality and generally accepted good practices. The assignment of the Access Keys occurs automatically and the only criterion used for this purpose is the lack of previous Access Keys that are identical to those chosen by the User. In the absence of choice by the User, the Access Codes will be automatically assigned by Coolhunterdiary . In this case, the user may at any time change them for any other, always in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.


3.2.2 Use and custody

The user undertakes to make diligent use of the Access Codes, as well as not to make their Access Keys available to third parties. The user agrees to notify Coolhunterdiary  as soon as possible of the loss or theft of the Access Codes as well as any risk of access to them by a third party.


3.3. Obligation to make correct use of the website and the Services

The user agrees to use the website and the Services in accordance with the law, these General Conditions, as well as morality and generally accepted good customs and public order. The user undertakes to abstain from using the website and the Services for illicit purposes or effects, contrary to the provisions of these General Conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may damage, disable, overload or deteriorate the website and the Services or prevent the normal use or enjoyment of the page and the Services by other users.


3.4. Means for obtaining Content

The user must refrain from obtaining and even trying to obtain information, messages, graphics, drawings, sound and / or image files, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, any kind of material accessible through the web page or the Services (hereinafter, the “Content”) using means or procedures other than those that, according to the cases, have been put at your disposal for this purpose or have been indicated for this purpose in the Web pages where the Contents are located. or, in general, those that are routinely used on the Internet for this purpose provided that they do not entail a risk of damage or disablement of the Website, the Services and / or the Contents.


3.5. Correct use of the Contents

The user agrees to use the Contents in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, agrees to abstain from

(a) use the Contents in a manner, for purposes or effects contrary to the law, morality and generally accepted good practices or public order;

(b) reproduce or copy, distribute, allow public access through any form of public communication, transform or modify the Contents, unless you have the authorization of the owner of the corresponding rights or it is legally permitted;

(c) delete, evade or manipulate the “copyright” and other data identifying the rights of Coolhunterdiary  or its holders included in the Contents, as well as technical protection devices, fingerprints or any information mechanisms that may contain the Contents.


3.6. Introduction of hyperlinks that allow access to other pages

The Users and, in general, those persons who intend to establish a hyperlink between their Web page and the Website (hereinafter, the “Hyperlink”) must meet the following conditions:

(a) No one may, without prior consent, Coolhunterdiary , make links to the website

(b) the accepted Hyperlink will only allow access to the Web pages of the Website, but may not reproduce them in any way;

(c) hyperlinks will not be established with pages within the site other than the homepage, first page or index page;

(d) a browser or border enviroment will not be created on the Web pages of the Website;

(e) false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications will not be made about the website and the Services and, in particular, will not be declared or implied that Coolhunterdiary  has authorized the Hyperlink or that it has supervised or assumed any form the contents or services offered or made available to the Web page in which the Hyperlink is established;

(f) exception made of those signs that are part of the same Hyperlink, the Web page in which the Hyperlink is established shall not contain any trademark, trade name, establishment label, denomination, logo, slogan or other distinctive signs belonging to Coolhunterdiary .

(g) the Web page in which the Hyperlink is established will not contain information or illegal content, contrary to morality and generally accepted good customs and public order, nor will it contain contents that are contrary to any rights of third parties. The establishment of the Hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of relations between Coolhunterdiary  and the owner of the Web page in which it is established, nor the acceptance and approval by Coolhunterdiary of its contents or services.



To use some of the services, users must previously provide Coolhunterdiary  with certain personal data (hereinafter, the “Personal Data”). Coolhunterdiary  will automatically process the Personal Data for the purposes as well as under the conditions defined in its Declaration for data protection, Privacy Policy.



Users assume that Coolhunterdiary  will be exempt from liability for the incorporation of inaccurate, false, outdated or generally non-compliant personal data. In the same way, Coolhunterdiary  will be exempt from responsibility for the declaration of real data by a person not associated with them.



The user is aware and voluntarily accepts that the use of the website, the services and the Contents takes place, in any case, under his sole and exclusive responsibility.



7.1. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the operation of the website and the Services

  • 7.1.1. Availability and continuity, utility and fallibility

Coolhunterdiary , does not guarantee the availability and continuity of operation of the website and the Services. When reasonably possible, Coolhunterdiary , will warn previously of the interruptions in the operation of the site.

Coolhunterdiary , does not guarantee the usefulness of the web page and the services it exhibits for the realization of any particular activity.

Coolhunterdiary  does not assume any responsibility for damages of any nature, that may occur due to a lack of availability of the site or the fraudulent use thereof by third parties.


  • 7.1.2. Privacy and security in the use of the website and the Services

Coolhunterdiary , does not guarantee the privacy and security in the use of the website and the Services and, in particular, does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties may not have knowledge of the class, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that the Users make the web page and the Services.


7.2. Exclusion of guarantees and responsibility for the Contents

  • 7.2.1. Quality

Coolhunterdiary , even controlling all its systems and contents, can not guarantee the absence of viruses or other malign elements, in the contents included in its web space, that may produce alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and files stored in your computer system.


  • 7.2.1. Responsibility and Guarantees

Coolhunterdiary  does not guarantee the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity or accuracy of the services or information provided through the Website.

Consequently, Coolhunterdiary  does not guarantee or be held responsible for:

the continuity of the contents of the Website

the absence of errors in said contents or the correction of any defect that may occur

the absence of viruses and / or other harmful components on the Website or on the server that supplies it

the invulnerability of the Website and / or the impregnability of the security measures adopted in it

the lack of usefulness or performance of the contents of the Website

the damages or damages caused, to itself or to a third party, any person that infringes the conditions, rules and instructions that Coolhunterdiary  establishes on the Website or through the violation of the security systems of the Website.

However, Coolhunterdiary  declares that it has adopted all the necessary measures, within its possibilities and the state of technology, to guarantee the functioning of the Website and avoid the existence and transmission of viruses and other harmful components to Users.



Coolhunterdiary  does not grant any license or authorization of use of any kind on its industrial and intellectual property rights or on any other property or right related to the Website, the services or the contents.



Coolhunterdiary  reserves the right to deny or withdraw access to the Website and / or the Services, at any time and without prior notice to those users who fail to comply with these General Conditions or the Particular Conditions that result from application.



In the event that a third party considers that there are facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of the use of any content and / or the performance of any activity on the Coolhunterdiary  website or accessible to Through the website, and, in particular, the violation of intellectual or industrial property rights (patents, industrial models and designs, trademarks and commercial names, etc.) or other rights, you must send a notification to Coolhunterdiary  in which the following extremes are contained:

(a) personal information: name, address, telephone number and email address of the claimant;

(b) specification of the alleged illicit activity carried out on the website and, in particular, in the case of an alleged violation of rights, precise and concrete indication of the protected content as well as its location on the web pages;

(c) facts or circumstances that reveal the illicit nature of said activity;

(d) in the case of violation of rights, authentic signature or equivalent, with the personal data of the owner of the allegedly infringed rights or of the person authorized to act in the name and on behalf of the latter;

(e) express statement, clear and under the responsibility of the claimant that the information provided in the notification is accurate and the illicit nature of the use of the contents or of the performance of the activities described. These notifications should be sent by regular mail to: Coolhunterdiary  address D.P Ciudad.



The provision of the web service and other online services has an indefinite duration. Coolhunterdiary , however, is authorized to terminate or suspend the provision of the service website and / or any of the services at any time, without prejudice to what has been provided in this regard in the corresponding Conditions Individuals. When reasonably possible, Coolhunterdiary  will warn previously of the termination or suspension of the provision of the website service and of the other associated services.



These General Conditions and rules of use are governed by Spanish law. For the resolution of any controversy that may arise with respect to its validity, execution, fulfillment or resolution (total or partial) are subject to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Barcelona. This contract constitutes the complete and complete expression of the agreement between Coolhunterdiary  and the user.

The use of the website  attributes the condition of user and implies the full and unreserved acceptance of each and every one of the provisions included in this Legal Notice.

Tienes en tu pantalla el primer magazine virtual de moda y “todo lo demás”, editado por una periodista e influencer española.

Patricia Sañes empezó su trayectoria profesional en la cabecera TELVA, para más tarde llevar la corresponsalía de la revista GRAZIA en Barcelona, tras un stage en el departamento de comunicación de L´Oréal Professionnel.

En 2010 lanzó Coolhunter Diary, un egoblog que dio a conocer sus aptitudes como influencer. Patricia ha colaborado con Chanel, Dior, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Natura Bissé, Kérastase, Massimo Dutti, Uniqlo, Chopard… entre otras firmas.

Lo que empezó como un egoblog, hoy es un magazine que te habla de tendencias que cambian nuestra forma de mirar, de labiales negros y naranjas -esta web es de extremos-, viajes con los que soñarás y quebraderos de cabeza con los que te identificarás. Porque reflexionar (y leer) también es cosa de internautas.

Coolhunter Diary da voz a personas con alma y mentes inquietas. Famosas o no. Eso da igual. Porque Patricia apuesta por la personalidad, la información y una manera genuina de tratarla.