Alone with Laura Ponte

Alone with Laura Ponte

We met in a photo shooting for Telva magazine. She was the splendid Laura Ponte characterized as Katharine Hepburn and I, the intern who was running for some safety pins. I was hooked to Laura’s lack of importance, and the ease with which she mutated in front of the camera, forgetting her shyness.

More than a decade later, the top model opens to me the workshop of bride gowns, party dresses and other unique designs that has made her dream come true: “to make white, yellow, minimal, baroque clothes… for women whose skin I like to get into for an instant”.

Why bridal fashion?

Because I’d like to be all those women who choose one day to declare unconditional love. I’m attracted to the idea of living other lives.

In addition to bride gowns, I also make designs for guests, baptisms and other unique garments. My challenge? To make white, yellow, minimal, baroque clothes… having in mind all those women and men that I will not become.

What’s in a Laura Ponte dress that doesn’t have any other?

That has been sewn here… the rest is taste and perceptions.

If you had to choose… runway, design or painting?

It’s all about drawing… faces, spaces or dresses and building, assembling, materializing.
Fashion shows aren’t my thing, though I’ll always be in debt to them for what I learned about the runway.

Before you were discovered as a model at the age 19, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child, I drew faces, dresses, jewels and houses. I still have to fulfil the house part… although I have created some stands and shops, but architecture is much more different.

What don’t we know about you?

Probably the same thing I don’t know about myself.  Every day is different… Today it is 7pm but there is not the same light, and you don’t wear the same clothes either, nor you have the same tasks to fulfil as the previous day. And we’re not alone. Life is a passage of many that go with each other, fighting or avoiding the other and there is no firm regulation. We’re malleable and unpredictable, so I have a lot to learn from myself.

Where do you feel safer?

At home with good friends and, above all, with my children.

What do you struggle with every day?

With my messy hyperactivity, but I am blessed to have a wonderful team that puts everything on its place and protects me.

What makes you lose your way?

I am calm in my deeds and I take my passion with enough concealing. I am attracted by the unknown and the possibility of getting there… always with my feet on the ground and knowing where my home is.

What is the unbreakable rule of the Ponte home?

There are no rules, respect is understood as inherent to the human being.

If you were given the opportunity to start over, what other paths would you like to explore?

It’s always exciting to start. Whatever life takes, we’ll always be starting.

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