Dress me slowly, I want to remember

Dress me slowly, I want to remember

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7:30 a.m. The mannequins of a shop in Passeig de Gràcia are looking forward to the new collection. Next door, other early bird mannequins are already wearing the brand’s resort designs. No one notices, but I say good morning to the dress that reigns at the shop window, and I confess that I feel a certain appreciation for its colour combination, although I know that tomorrow it won’t be there anymore. Tempus fugit.

If my closet were a clock, it would not tell the time in hours; but it would mark the memories that I have lived with many of its garments.

Far from the dictation of social networks, we manage time in our own closet. And it is there where “always” can be “always”, because fashion also makes us believe in the saying “dress me slowly…” because I want to remember that kiss in the Arc de Triomf, when I wore a Sita Murt sweater in a “I want to see you again” colour.

I order a coffee to take away while I enter Instagram. Last night, Patricia uploaded several Stories from an event she attended in Madrid. I send her a message to say good morning and to ask her about the jewel jacket that she was wearing. She tells me that it was from Miu Miu, and that they gave it to her for her 30th birthday. I’m looking forward to hearing more details about the party, although I can imagine how the night ended.

It is certain that what Patricia did right after getting off her midi heels, was to put her jacket into the pink cover that has been keeping it since the day they met. Although long periods go by without seeing each other, my friend and her 30th birthday gift know they have each other. Fashion, just like life, teaches you that there are stories that last forever.

By Mireia Sánchez. 

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