How to live with Instagram (without dying in the attempt) 


How to live with Instagram (without dying in the attempt) 

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I live 24h with a double-edged weapon. It’s called Instagram and I let it meddle in my life, sometimes more than I should.

That’s how I managed to surpass the 100 thousand followers. It took me years to create a virtual community that gives me love and work; although it also steals some conversations with friends, which I miss by being “online”, the episode of the third season of Suits, napping on a Sunday with my husband and sushi nights with my best friend… I am an addict in search of some balance -because Instagram, just like everything else, is also good in the proper way-.

I have just decided this: I’ll start by imposing a set of rules on myself that may also help you. With that I am not insinuating that you are also hooked to this network… but what the hell! Who isn’t?

Here’s my statement of good intentions:

When I wake up, I will stretch out calmly and I will take a shower before picking up the phone. It is the only way to avoid that, when waking up, the first thing my eyes see is the screen of my virtual self.

I already mute the monster during office hours. It works, but not always. Remember that Instagram is one of my work tools. But is it also yours?

I promise to keep my iPhone away from the kitchen to preserve my privacy with A. Dinner conversations are the best of the day!

When Netflix time comes, I will put the phone down and will try to moisturize my hands -a very clever trick not to fall into the temptation to retrieve the monster- while I enjoy my second favorite time of the day. I’m not going to miss a single scene anymore!

I’ll try to not use Instagram one day a week. I’m picking Saturday. I think it will clear my mind and help me to recharge my batteries.

Maybe, but only maybe, I’ll leave my phone at home when I go out for a beer or a Cacaolat with a friend…

Nobody said it would be easy, but they say that, after the sixth month, it becomes a habit. Shall we start training?

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