The friendship between us

The friendship between us

She can sometimes be “prejudgy” and other times, she follows you without asking. She is also jealous. We like to hear that “you’re my best friend”, even though we went through adolescence a long time ago now.

The friendship between us needs many Coke Zero moments to confess our sins and our dreams. We also need a lot of voice memos in order to maintain our emotional health. Together it is much easier. 

Let’s not forget those nights of duo therapy with the pillow, nor the trips to be alone and talk about what we left at home. 

Our friendship is complex and sensitive. No one said it was easy to handle that jumble of dysfunctional emotions that some of us become. Well, multiply it by two. Horror! But if it’s worth it, you’ll know it’s not about you, it’s about her. 

La Amistad Entre Nosotras 00

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