Destination: House of the Infinite

Destination: House of the Infinite

ACB Casa Del Infinito IMAGEN 06

Cadiz. Two floors dug out of Roman travertine extend the sand on the beach, melting into the summertime picture we all dream of, or at least I do. In Coronavirus’ time, projecting your feet under the wet sand can undo the knot in that bag that is suffocating you.

Alberto Campo Baeza’s House of the Infinte was designed to give continuity to the Atlantic Sea. “It’s the most radical work we’ve done”, confesses the architect. An imposing box of 20 meters in front and 36 at the bottom, where you will find the two floors of the house under the first 12 meters.

Who would have thought that, locked up at home, I would only relax thinking about this naked platform of Zahara de los Atunes, which seems to be made for meditation. Jumping out of my bed into the sea, or saying goodbye to the day – strawberry mojito in hand – starring in the most desired Instagram photo. It´s a tempting impossibility (and legitimately whimsical). Damn confinement. Blessed imagination.

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