It´s time for Russia

It´s time for Russia

San Petersburgo Omega Patricia Sanes 07

Omega started making feminine precision watches, which were not just beautiful accessories, in a clear gesture of respect for women. Nicole Kidman tells me in St. Petersburg (yes… it’s her in the flesh!).

My story with Omega comes from long ago, but the “until death do us part” happened on my first trip to Russia, where I was invited to see their itinerant exhibition “Her Time” at the city’s Marble Palace.

Among century-old women’s watches, my passion went in crescendo, falling madly in love with their vintage works of art and advertisements, where design and good taste leave no room for ostentation.

My soul was stolen by the “secret jewel watches”, designed for a woman deprived of all her rights. That’s how feminist, rebellious and fashionable Omega is, the first watchmaker to fly to the moon because of the precision and resistance of its chronograph.

I kept thinking of this milestone of the Swiss firm when I got into bed, still savouring the last Mimosa sip. Dining on a bed of fresh roses, taking a boat trip or visiting the works of art at the Winter Palace, it was all part of those 24 hours that I would love to repeat. My Omega Trésor said it was after midnight. I don’t remember when I fell asleep.

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