My version of Amsterdam

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 8528

My version of Amsterdam

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 8528

I’ve wanted to go to Amsterdam for years. And I’ve been given this opportunity on the annual trip that I do with my best friend. At last I’ve met the popular city of canals and coffee shops! That said, we didn’t go to none of them. We tried it though. But I guess we landed in the only coffee shop closed on a Saturday night. That’s what happens when you’re me.

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 8660

48 hours felt so short, but they’ve been enough to gather a number of tips that I want to share with you. Take note:

Stay at the Hotel Pulitzer. Welcome to the first 5 star hotel in Amsterdam. You’ll love its 25 historical houses, renovated two years ago, which stand impressively in front of the Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht canals. Dive into a mix of tradition and modern comfort that will invite you to go back.

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 51442

Pulitzer Amsterdam

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam Pulitzer 5

Walk around the historical centre of the city -we hired a free tour (you pay the guide at will) to get to know some places of interest and practical tips. If it’s the first time that you step foot on Amsterdam, it will help you orient yourself, with a perspective, now I would stroll around on my own, prioritizing two cultural and unavoidable dates.

To visit the house of Anne Frank, you have to buy the tickets online two weeks before, at least!

I recommend you to do the same if you want to visit the Van Gogh Museum. Tickets can only be purchased online.

You cannot miss the lively and peculiar nightlife at the Red Light District either, where prostitution is a legal reality that, as sad as the truth is, has become a tourist attraction. I recommend it to you so you can understand the soul of the city.

It is indispensable to go all over Amsterdam by boat -I suggest the tours on the small boats for no more than 6 people- so you can see a whole different perspective of the city. And (of course!) join the bike fever. Remember: bikers always have priority, cars and pedestrians are undervalued.

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 479471

Take a well-deserved break at the Foodhallen market, where you’ll find food stands from all over the world, and you’ll sit at the tables in the centre of this crowded industrial warehouse. Estefanía and I abandoned ourselves to the art of pizza Margherita. Our star menu everywhere we go. For the Gin and Tonic lovers, you’ll find a stand dedicated exclusively to their preparation in endless versions. You decide!

Sunday is brunch day, and fulfilling our new tradition, we ate the best toasts in the world with salmon, eggs Benedict and avocado at Bakers & Roasters. Not to mention the addictive XXL strawberry milkshake… Shall we repeat?

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 33F9F

Bakers & Roasters

Believe it or not, shopping absorbs me; but, if you’re not like me, go crazy at the P.C. Hooftstraat Street, where the best European fashion firms unite without mercy.

For dinner? Few things can surpass the lobster and the sirloin that we tried at the Restaurant Red. A place with a sophisticated and quiet atmosphere, where we enjoyed a dinner among locals and talks with wine and beer.

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 05


Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam EE11F3CF0D7A

Impressive: the restaurant The Duchess. I was fascinated by its decorations, sculpted with a contrast of greens, a spectacular set of lights and picturesque paintings that I admired before having ravioli with foie for dinner. The perfect farewell? A chocolate sphere filled with truffles and macarons. Amazing! Life with extra sugar tastes better.

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam TheDuchess At Night

The Duchess

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 638x408

Patricia Sanes CoolhunterDiary Amsterdam 8765

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